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Technology in Middle Schools

Technology within last few years has become such an integral part of everybody's life that everyone has to keep pace with. That is why if the learning of technology can be done at an earlier stage of life, it will help the children to become more active and will make their future bright. Incorporating technology in middle schools can therefore help in this regard.

Application of technology is easier in middle or junior high schools as compared to high schools.

The reason is that students in high school are already under a paramount pressure with keeping future exams in mind while the children in middle schools are willing to accept the newer resources of technology both as source of knowledge and for fun as well.

Thus it is very important that while introducing technology in middle schools, one should combine experimental learning with the student's interests. One definite advantage of teaching tech is that because understanding the technology requires active participation, it can be very motivating for the students. One thing that needs to be taken into account at this age is that a child's mind is not as focused as at a higher age and so keep the lessons relevant and interactive so as to keep them attentive.

New technology is so much in vogue that we just cannot imagine a person doing well in his work without being tech savvy in any field. At least basic knowledge is must. So if a child is taught about the basics of technology in his early ages such as the computer and cell phone then they will be able to compete in the marketplace later.

For competence in computer learning in middle schools one should judiciously learn keyboard typing. In schools more emphasis should be given on keyboard typing (Mavis Beacon anyone?) rather than using the software in PC to obtain the information. Once a child becomes familiar with the basics of the computer and typing then they need to be taught about various software like Microsoft Office and Windows.

The use of technology in middle schools can minimize the usage of paper. Nowadays assignments and notes can be made and maintained on laptops and iPods which also gives easy access to studies to whichever place a child goes. Unfortunately, wealthier school districts will have an advantage over less wealthy districts but this disparity is for another discussion.

The use of technology in middle schools will enable the students to gain mastery in no time because of the short learning curve for young minds. Not only will the use of technology make the students familiar with software but they will also get to know more about databases because presentations are always shown and made using some database.

An important feature of the technology that must be maintained while learning should be interactivity with the user. In this way the children can learn quickly and in a way that will train them for the future workforce. Thus incorporating technology in middle schools will not only produce managers but all different levels of employees. Technology will develop the skills and mental ability of the child and keeps them motivated and this is the whole point of learning, now isn't it?