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Smart Boards

One of the ways to make teaching effective is by usage of a smart board in the classroom. It is not only the classroom teaching that can be improved by using these smart boards but also it can be used for presentations in the corporate world.

Smart Boards
A smart board also has a computer which is linked to the projector which projects the view of the computer on the giant white board. The difference with the smart board is that the software is such that one is allowed to touch the white board and is able to make any changes. Therefore it is a touch sensitive screen which allows you to make changes and interact with the computer.

The first smart board was brought out in 1991 by Smart Technologies and this instrument was one in which people had not seen before. It coupled the use of a white board along with a touch sensitive screen which made it a lot easier for the teachers to give lessons to their students.

Also with the use of various pen tools one can write onto these smart boards or also can make some sort of drawings, which help in art classes and other classes where students need particular visuals.

The invention of smart boards has helped us to move out of the traditional blackboards and overhead projectors. With their usage one can interact with the class from the front side because now one does not need to sit behind the computer to showcase the changes. The changes can be brought on the screen directly with the usage of touch sensitive screen.

The software of the smart board permits you to convert your handwritten text on the screen into a text file which can be saved for a view at a later stage. Also with usage of pens one can write text in different colors on the screen. Normally 4 colored pens are available with each smart board and slots are provided on the board onto which these pens are fitted.

When you lift the pen from its spot it permits you to write text on web pages and other files of the same color. It's obvious that a device having so many advantages will also have some disadvantages as well.

The first disadvantage of smart boards that they are costly to install this in a classroom particularly if you want wireless units. Second, it's hard to write on the board because when you will write you will stand in between the projector and the screen thereby your shadow will also be casted on the screen making its content difficult to read.

The use of technology in modern day teaching is very important for the students because it helps them to survive in this complex and knowledgeable world. Also it helps them to acquire skills and will aid in the understanding process.

Teachers can also use PowerPoint, web screen shots and videos to make teaching more effective and understandable. But smart boards are the future and have become more of a necessity for a child to grow in this competitive and technology-driven world.