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In school classrooms across the U. S., iPads are expected to revolutionize the educational system. Launched in April 2010, Apple has sold over 2 million iPads and counting. But as far as its introduction in schools and colleges is concerned it still has to walk a long road. Technology, whatever it may be takes its own time to become the part of one's daily life.

iPads in Education
Otherwise who would have thought of throwing away the wired telephone sets once? Cell phones snatched away the hegemony of fixed landlines and so will iPad one day.

There is already a debate amongst people who have been using it or at least have seen other people using it in their work place, regarding the efficiency of iPad.

With its multi-applications and cell-phone features it's giving an option for those who are habituated to use both and do not want to carry two separate things. iPads can prove helpful in the classrooms but only up to certain extent. Tasks like preparing class notes n managing the study material can be performed easily on an iPad. So how different is it from an ordinary laptop or a notebook?

Weighing around 1.5 pound, iPad provides a good alternative not only for the heavy books but also for other gazettes which a student wishes to carry to the classroom. An enthusiastic iPad user imagines (on a website) an environment free of paper in the coming days, if the iPads are here to stay.

He dreams of a world where books will become archaic and one will need to buy e-books alone. Of course iPad will replace several books in a handful of expensive schools and colleges but the concept of a paper free environment sounds merely an exaggeration of the features that are built in its software. However, it has already started proving helpful to students in many ways.

When its looks are considered, the best advantage a student can see at first is the light weight baggage which he has to carry to school. Also the length and width of its screen does not hinder the student's view of a teacher in a classroom, much like the laptop or other similar gazettes do.

Some students are more comfortable not writing on paper, and also need to work on computers for a long time, iPad is a boon for these students. With its ten hour battery back up (as it has been promised) it is always at the beck and call of a student even if he doesn't find a power outlet. Also its various applications enables a student to avail the best offered to him.

For ex- applications like, Periodic Tables of elements, inclinometer (which finds the angle of inclination of any angle), human anatomy, World Factbook, constitution on iPad are easily available to students for a few bucks Not only for the grown up college and school students, iPad is also helpful for tiny tots learning the basics of their studies.

An iPad application Teach me: Kindergarten teaches the kids basic addition and subtraction through amusing communication with them. It also lets them learn a number of spellings by producing various sounds. In this case one can also notice how the role of a teacher may become obsolete. Also, despite of the applications for students, they do face some problems while using the gazette. Mostly the problems are of unavailability of the e-books for their respective courses. And because of this they end up taking their heavy text books to school even after using an iPad. That makes the entire gazette redundant.

However, this is sure to improve in coming days as more and more firms are deciding to publish e-books version as well. One can buy an iPad depending on its storage capacity which is available in 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. The more the space will be the more efficient will be the iPad with a number of applications installed on it. iPad is still not recommended as a must- have for students but in the offing, the scenario is liable reach this stage as well.